23 and Me Upload

Today only 04/25/2018 upload from Ancestry to 23 and Me.  This is a great chance to not wait.  Get your DNA over there.  Fish in the ponds.  Especially if you are looking for relatives, have a brick wall you are trying to break down or just want another perceptive.

Just an Edit to this. they are not allowing relative matching in the download not even for an upgrade fee.  You have to buy a kit, spit and send in.  So, if knowing your ethnic makeup from another source is important have at it.  I can see the advantage for 23 and Me- they have managed to increase there database for the promotions if they choose to use these new uploads in the total numbers of clients.

I uploaded my husband and his ethnicity was off and vague.  It lumped him in UK instead of a more refined Irish which we know through paper trail that he has a large percent. His direct paternal line is from Ireland (Confirmed with Y) as well as both of his maternal 2x Great  Grandparents immigrated from Ireland.


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