More Testing Sales

IMG_6432Your double helix should be mapped at a bargain price, at least that’s what the sales are saying. After I posted my original post about the sales going on 23 and Me decided to show up late to the party.  They came in with a sale on their Ancestry only kit which is normally $99 for $69, which is available through the 25th of April.

The big three have all chimed in, now that 23 and Me is at the table.  The Ancestry only test does not offer the limited health aspect of the full test they offer for $199, which is also on sale for $139. It does, however,  give relative matches, ancestry composition, maternal and paternal haplogroups, Neanderthal ancestry, and comparison of your DNA family.

Who doesn’t need to know how much Neanderthal is in their DNA? I could put it on my audition for a Geico commercial, right? Well, it is a novelty to say the least. If you are a female you will only receive your maternal haplogroup but men will get both, oh double helix why do you make me test my male relatives to find my haplogroup? The haplogroup groups are just general, to get an in-depth study of Y-DNA or mtDNA you will need to do a specific test like Family Tree DNA offers.

The data base here is smaller and there are not family trees but there are also not additional fees after the fact. The tests, however are only intended for use in the United States, in fact it’s stated at the bottom of the sale page.  They don’t have the international clients that many of the other companies have.  If you think that your relatives might be overseas this might not be the choice for you.

MyHeritageDNA is also on sale for $69. They do accept samples from other countries.  In addition to diversity in matches, MyHeritage has the option of building a family tree and researching records.  There is a fee if you want to join their service for complete access to all of their records for a year. They have a chromosome browser and ethnicity algorithm.

Comparatively I have 1050 matches on 23 and Me and over 4500 matches on MyHeritage.  I should point out that in the past MyHeritage has had issues with its matching algorithm. My top matches I can actually place in my tree and the centimorgans that I share with them are within an expected range for the relationship. I have not went into the depths of my distant matches. MyHeritage also has an option to transfer existing DNA.  If you are searching for a missing family member or trying to solve a mystery or NPE then uploading from another source is an economical way to not miss a DNA connection.

Ultimately DNA testing is a personal choice, the right test should reflect what you hope to achieve.   The results of a DNA test can be more than ethnicity, it can bring unexpected new relatives and shine a light on truths that have been hidden for far too long. Having more relatives is always a blessing.



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